About Takween

This is the second version of this website.


In the first version, I wrote about the traditions I practiced and studied, which are Yoga, Zen & Sufism, and I also went through the different practices of each tradition, practices like meditation, breathwork, movement, chanting etc.


It took a while to put the whole thing together, and I remember being happy with it. I felt all these words and explanations would give any visitor a clear understanding on what Takween is all about. 


But since then, things have changed. I now find myself wanting to write less, read less, disentangle from conceptual knowing & conditioning, and focus on actual experience.


So to drown you with words, concepts and explanations does not make sense. You need less noise, not more. 

And this is what we do at Takween, via different forms of meditation, we ease the mind, disentangle from old habits & narratives, and begin to rediscover the peace & joy of presence & simple being.