About Takween

Kon, Kawn and Takween. One word led to the other, and you cant have one without the other. 

Kon means Be.

Kawn means Cosmos.

Takween means Creation, or Cosmifying.

When I truly understood the meaning of the word Kon 'to be, or to surrender into being', Takween grew into a concept and practice.

At Takween, we practice different techniques to attain a state of wholeness. To achieve this, we work on cultivating a state of presence, we aim to be. Once in a state of being, or presence, we begin to better understand ourselves, and the universe around us, we redefine the human experience.

In due time, this knowledge and understanding leads to a shift in consciousness, and all aspects of our being unite; we find peace within. Once in this state, we begin to experience life as it truly is - a stream of constant creation. Here, Takween transforms from a practice, to a state of being.