My journey

Since 1999 I’ve been on the path of self-realization, beginning my journey with transcendental meditation (TM). I found it effective; it calmed me, and I developed a healthy awareness of my thoughts and emotions, learning to control my mind. Although TM did the job, I still felt I needed to develop a deeper understanding of both meditation and myself.


I soon discovered Yoga, which I quickly realized was way more than movement. In due time, and through yogic movement and meditation, I was humbled to discover the cosmic power of yogic experiences. With my head up in the cosmos, a need to feel grounded led me to integrate Zen into my practice, which I now believe to be the purest form of meditation.


Years later, and by chance, a book on Sufism fell into my lap, I read it, and found myself attracted to the Sufi path. I began to read books, poetry, and integrate Sufi meditations and chanting into my practice; with it came beauty, and tenderness.


As a musician and sound engineer, music has always been a big part of my life. As I evolved in my practice, I began to integrate instruments and chanting into my yoga sessions, with the goal of enabling presence and devotion, and it worked.


After years of a multi-disciplined practice, I began to experience moments where I found my self separate from my mind. In those rare moments, I grasped the nature of reality, I felt and understood: I am not my mind; I am awareness, awareness is infinite, and all else is an illusion. Yogis call the illusion ‘Maya’, and infinite awareness ‘Satchinanda’. Sat means being, Chi means awareness, and Ananda means bliss. Satchinanda.


That said, I only teach what I truly understand and have experienced myself; it usually takes years of dedicated practice, of meditation and contemplation, to understand what needs to be taught, and how it should be it taught.


My practice today is a mix of everything I’ve learned. I’m not a Yogi, Zen Buddhist, or Sufi; I practice what works for me, and I try to keep an open mind and open heart. I practice to evolve, and serve.


We all exist to evolve, and serve. At Takween, my goal is to hold space, and to support you in your process of evolution; I will teach you how to teach yourself, so that one day, you’ll transcend the limitations of your mind, and finally be set free.

Peruvian Andes, 2012.