Jung & Ibn Arabi

As a life long student of the psychologist Carl Jung, and mystic Ibn Arabi, I have deeply integrated their teachings into my practice. In whatever I do, they are always there in the background.


Through rare moments of insight, I’ve come to realize that both men had an understanding of the human psyche that was far beyond anything I’ve experienced. What they taught, if understood and practiced correctly, leads to a fundamental shift in consciousness. Jung mapped the unconscious for me, and helped me understand the universe within. Ibn Arabi helped me wrap my head and heart around a unified reality. 


Both men saw life as a journey towards wholeness. With Jung, it was the process of individuation, and with Ibn Arabi, it was the journey towards Al Insan Al Kamil, which translates to the Whole Human Being. Both journeys, begin by understanding one's purpose on earth, then transition into to a process of purification and integration, and end, finally, in a state of wholeness.


All these cosmic concepts we struggle with, these two brilliant men were able to understand, experience and articulate. I believe reading Jung and Ibn Arabi is essential for anyone who seeks to truly understand consciousness. And please know that I have not mastered their teachings, but whatever I was able to understand and experience, became a part of who I am.