My journey

My journey started in 1999, and since then I’ve practiced Transcendental Meditation, many styles of Yoga, Self Inquiry, Zen and Sufism.


Over the years, and after many years of meditation, I began to feel and understand that the whole universe, including us, was made of this one unifying energy. This energy could be called infinite consciousness, the Tao, Buddha nature, Samadhi, or whatever resonates with you. Within it, everything exists, within us, it exists. Its actually at the root of our being, it powers our minds, and with a sincere enquiry and practice, we can come to this realization, and find effortless and everlasting peace.  

With that in mind, I believe we exist for two reasons; to evolve and discover our true nature, and to serve and nourish the people and environment around us. Now for my beliefs to manifest in the material world, I created Takween. Takween is vehicle that drives me to both evolve, and serve, to serve by helping others evolve. 


So, nothing new here, like the many men and woman that walked this path before me, I’m trying to share this knowledge with hope of adding value to peoples lives. 


If you’d like to know more about me, Takween, or the practices mentioned above, do get in touch.

Peruvian Andes, 2012.