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Now is usually used as an adverb to express a relation within time. An example would be, I am writing now. But now can also be used as a noun, and an example would be, I am here and now. When now is used as a noun, things become quite interesting.

Now is indeed thing, a thing that's not really a thing though. Although now cannot be pointed out, wherever we look we encounter a manifestation of now, or presence.

Now is indeed alive, we are within now, but also, now is within the I.

The I of the I am. I am now, and now I am.

There has never been anything other than now. Objects arise and dissolve in now, and now remains as is, ever-present, effortlessly embracing (the illusion) of space and time.

The history of the universe and mankind 'happened' and is happening now. It's now that gave rise to a mind, but mind couldn't grasp the immensity of now, and so mind created future and past, and buried the now.

But this mystery, this now or presence, longs to know itself, this is nature's way.

Now created a little window within every mind, a window that overlooks the present moment, and if a soul were to carefully examine this present moment, the now would reveal its mystery, and life would be seen for what it truly is.

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