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I & Me

The source of all suffering is this 'me' that keeps popping up, me is an ego.

There's a zen saying that goes: Let go or be dragged. Hence the photo below.

In reality, there is no me, there is only I, the witnessing I, the I that remains untouched regardless of all experience.

The 'me' arises when thoughts arise. This 'me' is deeply embedded within all thought. So as a thought pops up, the 'me' arrives at center stage, and the trance continuous.

In reality, there's no 'me' that's thinking thoughts, there are thoughts that arise that create the illusion of me. Thought = me, and me = separation. Its me against the world kind of thing. 'Me' is always fending for itself, struggling for attention, seeking love, thinking my survival depends on others, on the world ... What a trap.

And the craziest bit is this: while the ego is struggling for survival, that which gives the ego space to move is resting in absolute silence and peace.

I recently heard this metaphor, and it hit the spot. Imagine throwing black paint up into the air, does the black paint stick to the air ? Effect it in any way ? No. Same applies to consciousness, it always remains as is.

Why is this important ? Well because we all seek peace but tend to look for it in the world. We think, plan, seek in the world, find, and what we find gives us joy for a bit and then as always, fades away.

True peace is here and now, and it arises for no reason whatsoever.

Spirituality is as simple as it gets.

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