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I was talking to this beautiful human being of a man recently, in his late sixties. We were talking about life, and he said: 'I find it funny how people look at me these days, as if I'm an old man, they call me 'haj', meaning elder, it doesn't make sense, I actually don't feel old, I feel Im as young as ever'.

I've heard that same statement in many different forms, from friends in their 30's, to grandparents in their 80's.

Why do we sometimes feel like nothing has changed ? The answer is surprisingly simple. The mind experiences change, but that which observes the mind remains as is. So time doesn't apply to pure consciousness. Presence or consciousness, which is who you really are, can only know now. Mind on the other hand, exists in time, in future or past. Mind is actually addicted to time.

I was reading a book recently, by an old english mystic, and she wrote about conversations she had with her friends, friends that were late into their lives. She said in old age, and in some cases, the nature or essence of being began to reveal itself. So after a life full of chasing desires and conquering fears, the mind began to find rest, and in this rest, the personality sunk into its source, and the essence of being became clear.

Same man I was talking to, also said: 'When it comes to death, I carry no fear whatsoever'.


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