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A Drop of Consciousness

I've heard meditators say: 'Sometimes, in meditation, one feels that the entire universe is contained within a tiny drop of consciousness'.

What does that mean ? And how can this feeling be put into words ?

To find an answer, I think a good place to start would be the sentence: 'I am aware of my thoughts, body, and the world'.

And if we were to break it down, it would unfold as:

  • The 'I' here is the I of consciousness. I, as consciousness, am aware.

  • The 'Am'. The am here implies presence. So I, as consciousness, am present.

  • 'Aware'. So as consciousness, I am present, and aware. Aware of my own being, and aware of the objects that arise within me, like thoughts, the body and world.

So from subtle objects like thoughts, to so called gross objects like stars, they all arise within consciousness. The gross objects are actually subtle objects, there's no such thing as gross objects. All objects are subtle, and all objects arise and dissolve in consciousness.

You can hold a flower, smell it, and it would feel like the flower is a material object. But think about it, when you hold the flower, the sense of holding it, where does that happen ? The smell, colors, where do all these movements happen ?

One could say they happen in a brain, and fair enough, the brain does a play a role, but that's it, it only plays role, the rest of the process is consciousness doing its thing.

So senses are filtered through the brain, and once filtering is done, its consciousness and only consciousness that is conscious of whatever the brain is processing.

Does that make sense ? I hope it does. The brain is a processor, consciousness is the one aware of all processing.

If that's understood, one comes to the following conclusion: everything is happening within consciousness, and everything is a manifestation of consciousness.

Now if we try to better understand consciousness, maybe understand is not the right word, the mind needs to rest here. Let's say if we try to intuit what consciousness is, by sitting in silence, odds are we'll begin to feel and then understand how consciousness operates, and how its infinite, but also invisible. Infinite because it's everywhere and nonlocalized, invisible because it simply can't be seen, it can manifest as shapes and colors, but consciousness itself is nothing, no thing.

No thing.

That's the bit that's a awe-inspiring, from no thing, from nothingness, everything arises.

Its as if there's an infinitely small point that exists at the core of our being, and this infinitely small point is the source of everything. It has no color or shape, it's just a

tiny . that gives rise to all being. Like the singularity that gave us the big bang. And as we wake up in the morning, we awake from this tiny drop of consciousness, and from it, the body, personality and world unfold.

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