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Circle back Home

The divine feminine manifests as everything. She is everything. In Hinduism, they call her Shakti, the great divine mother.

Through nature, she never fails to demonstrate her aliveness, the movements, colors and shapes are infinite. But there is one shape she seems to prefer, that of a circle.

When we look around us, we see round or circular forms everywhere, like a baby in a womb, or planets, stars and galaxies.

Maybe the universe itself is an expanding sphere. Or maybe the universe is a thought within consciousness, and consciousness is expanding. Who knows. Or maybe, it might be that the universe is an expanding womb. One can only wonder.

So every system we know of, a system that's whole in itself, appears to us in circular form.

These forms, or appearances, are undoubtedly beautiful, if not beauty itself. Now although these forms are breathtaking, know that our little round eyes are only processing a tiny drop of reality. The heart though, can go beyond a drop, and straight into the shoreless ocean of unconditional love.  Dare dip your toe into that ocean, and watch the rest of your life transform into a cosmic love affair, quite literally. An affair where you will spiral down into the depths of being, and if you’re lucky, or if she allows it, you might get a taste of her love, a love way way beyond anything you could have ever imagined.

If you do feel this love, your life as you know it is over, for the one and only journey has begun. Your body has become the mothership, and your soul its captain. Buckle up.

And know that you aren’t seeking love anymore, you are seeking the root of love itself. A place you once called home. Finally, understand that only she can reveal herself, and the more you try, the further she goes. So all you can do is try to not try, to simply: be. And in this being, or presence, her grace will one day come your way, and this deep primordial longing that felt like an elephant sitting on your chest, will finally come to an end, and you will have circled back home.

So yes, circular forms are beautiful, but the journey back to wholeness might be the most beautiful circle there is.

Swiss Alps.

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