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Come with me

What if I told you there is nothing to seek ?

Nothing at all

While drinking tea, my teacher once said:

This spoon is in heaven, we are in paradise

You're thinking, what's he on about ?

What if I told you you have won the lottery on a cosmic scale ?

What if I told you every star in the sky is seeking this body you inhibit ?

What if I told you consciousness itself is paradise ?

You're thinking, has he lost his mind ?

What if this mind has been lost ?

What if I told you seeking ends when mind ends ?

What if I told you by losing your mind, you would gain eternity ?

Actually you'll never gain eternity, how can you gain something you never lost ?

As you read these words, notice the space in which these words appear, and ask yourself:

Where is this space ?

Does it have a shape ? edge ? Or color ?

Was there ever a moment in my experience where this space wasn't present ?

Seeker, old friend

Rest in and as this space, and watch the seeker dissolve into absolute unity and peace

Come with me by Frameworks

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