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Constant Creation

Ibn Arabi often talked about constant creation. From his perspective, I would assume, every moment of his life was a flow in constant creation. Constant creation was a way of life for the Sheikh.

Note: They call him the seal of saints by the way, or Al Sheikh Al Akbar, the greatest of Sheikhs. And he never had a Tariqa, Tariqa means order or school, and that's because his teachings were so universal they could not be contained to an order. What a fascinating man.

Now to attempt a deep dive into the Sheikh's way of life, we need to understand where he was coming from. Being fully awake to his essence or true nature as they say, the Sheikhs mind dissolved or took a back seat, and as a result of that, he found himself in a state of absolute and continues presence.

In this presence, one's perspective on himself and surroundings shifts, a dramatic shift, its as if reality breaks down and resurrects itself. So past and future carry no weight anymore, they both become a form of illusion, maya, or maha maya which means extreme illusion, and the only reality left is the reality of the present moment, of here and now.

Note: They've been saying Be, or Kon in arabic, in the here and now for thousands of years for good reason.

As mentioned above, in absolute presence, the mind dissolves, and what's left is awareness. This awareness permeates everything, and is seen for what it really is, non-localized or infinite, and eternal, as in outside of time or future/past.

To get a taste of his state of consciousness, you could try this exercise:

- Close your eyes, observe the breath for some time.

- With enough focus, you'll forget you're in a body. You often forget you're in a body by the way. When watching a great movie for example, the movie is happening within your mind and that's the only thing you're conscious of.

- Start focusing on the ambient sounds around, like birds for example.

- For a few seconds, forget you're hearing these sounds, and become the space containing these sounds. So these sounds are within you, you and the sounds are one and the same. You the subject aren't hearing, hearing is just happening.

- Repeat for some time.

If we practice this exercise for some time, we'll start to get glimpses of Ibn Arabi's reality. The beloved Sheikh, was everything with his eyes open or closed, everything was happening within him, the body was within him, the world was within him. There was no subject experiencing objects, there was only one unified experience in the here and now.

So being aware of infinite awareness, or being infinite awareness itself while operating a bodymind, put the Sheikh in this divine state, his natural state, our natural state. And in this state, I think we can imagine how life can be viewed as a miracle where every moment is a movement in constant creation. A kiss, a sunset, a child smiling, all that beauty, an act of creation where the whole universe was present and involved.

It's amazing how far consciousness can take us.

"I was wedded to all the stars of the sky. There was not a single star left, and I married every one of them with great spiritual pleasure. Then I married the moon." - Ibn Arabi

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