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I've contemplated the idea of grace for a very long time. But to contemplate grace with the goal of feeling it does not work, and I think that's because grace is an experience (and not a concept), an experience beyond the mind, or prior to mind.

What got me contemplating grace was this, I heard many Sufis, Yogis and Christian mystics talk about grace, and they always said the same thing: its grace that eventually carried the seeker back home, or its grace that sunk the mind to its source.

So what does that mean ? How does grace work ? How does grace carry a seeker back home ?

I think if one seeks to truly feel and understand the essence of his or her being, and if one puts in serious effort to realize this essence, in due time, and when the mind is purified and still, odds are grace will present itself.

How grace is experienced depends on the person and is unique in each case. Grace could arrive as an intuition, vision, dream, person or object, like a book for example. This experience, in whatever form, can open the seekers consciousness to a new reality or way of being, and because of this opening, the seekers heart grows wider and warmer.

The Sufi’s explain it this way: “By waqi‘a they signify a thought which appears in the mind and remains there, unlike khaṭir, and which the seeker has no means whatever of repelling: thus they say, khaṭara ‘alá qalb—, “it occurred to my mind,” but waqa‘a fí qalbí, “it sank into my mind.” All minds are subject to kháṭir (passing thought), but waqi‘a is possible only in a mind that is entirely filled with the notion of God.”

Waqa’a fi Qalbi, literally translates to, dropped into my heart. Grace drops into the seekers heart, not mind.

So because of this experience of grace, a shift in consciousness occurs, and due to this shift, the egomind grows weaker, and consciousness, or the Self, heart, essence or spirit, you can call it what you like, grows stronger. The peace we seek within, begins to emerge from the depths of consciousness and permeate the bodymind.

And the deeper we delve into the practice (meditation, prayer, service etc), the deeper the sense of grace. And maybe one day, the experience of grace is so strong that it leaves the seeker fully awake or realized. The Sufi’s call this state, Baqa’a, which literally translates to: to remain. The Yogi's call it: Sahaja Samadhi, which translates to continues and operating awakening or enlightenment.

Finally, it's worth mentioning that there is no end to grace and realization or awakening, there's no such thing as a perfect human being. Grace continues to move through the bodymind as evolution has no end.

So one remains humble, surrenders to the will of the universe, and allows life to naturally unfold.

Also, every moment of being is a moment of grace.

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