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Think of yourself yesterday, the moment you woke up in bed.

As your eyes began to open, you became conscious of the body, conscious of the world. There was an awareness of objects (body & world), absent of thought, or judgement. (Who became conscious of the body and world is a question worth asking)

Soon enough though, thoughts and feelings kicked in, and the day started. Also, the I started, I as in enter name.

Those precious few moments of aware emptiness as we wake up are usually the closest we get to our essence, pure consciousness. Unless we're actively trying to rest in awareness during the day.

Now again, visualize yourself as you woke up yesterday.

An image has appeared within you, you as in consciousness.

This image, does it have any substance to it ? Or is it just a subtle object appearing in consciousness ? Just a subtle object is the reasonable answer.

But wait, there's another side to this story.

What you are now, at this moment, is nothing more than a image, an image within consciousness. The image of you yesterday, and you being right now, are one and the same.

The subtle image of you in bed yesterday, relative to your being at this moment, is subtle. The so called gross body you are experiencing now is actually a subtle object relative to pure consciousness. Observing a thought is no different than observing the body or moon. A thought, body and moon are simply appearances within consciousness, and you are that infinite and non localized consciousness.

So, manifestation in its entirety, is nothing but an image within consciousness. More like a dynamic image, similar to a movie, and this movie is produced (and directed?) by this mysterious thing we call consciousness.

Consciousness is the only life there is, invisible is its nature, but it becomes visible via a bodymind.

In meditation, one tends to get a good idea on what consciousness is, and how it functions. So with our eyes closed, in due time, the mind grows quiet. In this silence, lies the key to the mystery of being.

Eyes closed, deep in meditation, one forgets the body and mind, and what remains is consciousness knowing itself.

A thought arises, we're back observing the mind, link reestablished. A sneeze pops up, we're in the body, link reestablished.

A few moments pass by, back in silence, back home, in and as consciousness. There is no one there, or whatever is left is pure awareness. Silent, peaceful and ever present.

Pure consciousness is home, and from home, we travel to the body and mind. These journeys that we take to the body (matter) and mind (time) manifest as dynamic images within consciousness.

So consciousness is always present, we go to sleep, and rest in it. We dream within it. And we wake up into it. Consciousness is presence, and presence gives us reality. All we do is arise from it, and dissolve back into it.

ps After reading this, a thought or judgement will arise, you'll observe this object, and then proceed to attach yourself to another object, maybe another thought, or cup of tea. Object addicted we are. Eventually, you'll head back home, rest in bed, and moments before you sleep, odds are you'll rest in this pure consciousness and maybe get a feel of it, and then within a second, fall asleep. Once asleep, the object that is you (enter name), will rest back in its essence.


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