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Non Duality

To try to describe our natural state or essence is somewhat challenging. If you're wondering, what is our natural state anyways ? Our natural state is pure consciousness, and not the egomind structure. Why is it challenging ? Because as soon as we use words, we transition into a world of duality, and in pure consciousness, there is no duality, stillness and unity is all there is. Unity is a reality beyond words.

So within pure consciousness, the mind appears, and the body appears within the mind. The body within the mind as in the body, via the senses, is perceived by the mind.

Going a step further, we can say the world is within the mind as well. So the mind perceives and senses the world.

I hope all of the above makes sense. If you're thinking though, how is the mind within consciousness ? Ask yourself, what remains when there is no thought ? In-between two thoughts ? Or, what remains in deep sleep ? The answer is simple, consciousness. So, first there is consciousness, then there’s the mind, body and world.

To build on the above, we can also say:

Since the mind rests in consciousness, everything arises in and out of consciousness. Everything as in all objects, so thoughts and emotions (Inner world), and perceptions and sensations (Signals from the outer world). All these objects arise in and are known by consciousness.

Since we can become conscious of anything anywhere, it makes sense to say consciousness is infinite, or not finite. Consciousness cannot be contained, or located, it's literally everywhere, hence infinite.

Since the only time we can become conscious of anything is now, we say consciousness is ever present, and only appears ... now.

Since consciousness is only now, and ever present, we can also say it's eternal. Eternal not as in lasting forever, eternal as in outside of time. Time is in the bodymind, consciousness is dimensionless, timeless, and only appearing now. So everything is always happening now, and this now has no limits. In a way, now is all there is, and past and future are nothing but constructs of mind, memory and imagination. Plus memory and imagination happen now and nowhere else.

That said, I figure we can conclude that our essential being, or natural state (prior to bodymind), is consciousness, and consciousness is both infinite and eternal.

So how does this understanding affect our day to day life ?

Once reality is seen for what it truly is, consciousness in play, our inner dynamic shifts, maybe breaks is a better word.

So the mind and it's narratives don't hold up anymore. One looks back and thinks the mind was talking to itself, and judging itself. The second thought judging the first thought, that's all it really is. It's as if there was a crazy person living in there that loved to talk and enjoyed his/her own company. Think some crazy cartoon show, that's what the mind looks like from the perspective of consciousness. So once all conditioning and narratives fall away, peace is all that's left. Suffering dissolves as the mind sinks into its source.

Another way of understanding this unified reality is via the waking, sleeping and dreaming states.

So as we close our eyes and go to sleep, a dream appears. In that dream, the dreamed character isn’t aware of the dream, and the dream is as real as reality itself. There is time in the dream, but there is no space. 'Space' in the dream is happening within the dreamers mind, its illusory.

After a while, the person asleep drops into deep dreamless sleep. In deep sleep, there is no mind activity, so consciousness has no object to reflect upon itself, to know itself. So the mind rests, and consciousness remains as it always is, present, silent and still.

The person asleep wakes up from deep sleep, and the mind and world appear. But what the person doesn’t know is that the mind and world that appear in the waking state are also a dream, just like the dream state.

In the dream state, we thought the dream was real, but that was not the case, the mind created the dreamed character, and the environment around the character. It felt so real, but it wasn’t, it was just a dream.

Now apply this to the waking state. In the waking state, we think and feel that everything that’s happening around us is real, so space and time are real, but actually, they’re not, this is also a dream. As you read this, you are dreaming.

Space (matter) and time are created by and in the mind, and so when the mind isn't active, reality is seen for what it is, an infinite, open space of consciousness. Its as if we (humans & universe) exist in god's dreaming mind, and everything is made out of the substance that creates the dream; the substance being consciousness.

Waking up from this waking dream is awakening or enlightenment, realizing that you are consciousness itself, or big mind, and that you are literally everything and everywhere. You are not limited to a bodymind, you are consciousness, and the bodymind is happening within you, or to you. This sounds 'out there', but it's not, there is no in or out anyways, there is only a unified field of consciousness, and this is reality as it truly is, well from a non-dual perspective at least. This exact same experience of reality has been documented countless times over thousands of years, nothing new here.

In a nutshell, waking up from the waking state is the realization that we are pure consciousness, and not limited to a bodymind. Krishnamurti put it nicely when he said ‘Enlightenment is the realization that there is no self to be enlightened’. In other words, it's not the mind that becomes enlightened, but rather, the whole bodymind structure fades away, we see through the illusion of mind and matter, and rest as pure consciousness.

So, once the egomind identification snaps, we sink into our true nature, into pure consciousness, and in that space, there is relatively no personality left. The illusory ego dissolves, and a functional one remains.

Who is seeing through those eyes is not the egomind structure anymore. So the ego lens dissolves, and the I is redefined. The mind and all heavy conditioning, memories, fears, emotions, thoughts etc. are set aside, and what's left is the real you, pure and ever present consciousness.

So bodymind consciousness evolves into pure consciousness, and the so called separate entity unites with its surroundings. Everything is seen and felt as one.

And in this reality of unity, oneness, presence, nirvana, tawheed, or pure consciousness, you can call all what you like, there is a deep and peaceful silence, and all action stems from this ever-present silence. So no more self-interest, analyzing, seeking, worrying etc. There is only effortless, selfless and harmonious activity. One becomes life itself.

“Living, for the ordinary man, is a continual process

of objectifying. From morning till night, and from night

till morning, he never ceases to objectify except in dreamless

sleep. That is what manifestation is, and it is nothing but

that, for when objectifying ceases the objective universe is

no more—as in deep sleep.

But when Ch'an monks 'sit' they seek to empty their

minds, to practise a fasting of the mind, for a while the mind

'fasts', there is no more conceptualisation; then no concept

arises, not even an I-concept, and in the absence of an

I-concept the mind is 'pure' (free of objects); then, and only

then, it is itself, what-it-is and as-it-is. When that is permanent

it is objectively called being enlightened, when it is

temporary it can be called samadhi.” - Wei Wu Wei


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