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Out of nowhere, this thought just arose, it said: write.

Moments later, here I am, writing.

Where did this thought come from ? It came from nowhere.

What, where is this nowhere ? Who controls it ? No one knows, an absolute mystery.

So what do we know ? We know thoughts arise, and we act upon them.

But who's acting ? Is there an entity or an ego that acts ? Or are thoughts arising internally and manifesting externally ? I'd suggest that this whole game called life is nothing more than thoughts manifesting in different realms, the subtle and the 'physical'.

A deep examination of our being will reveal this, there is no way around it.

So what does this mean ? It means there is no doer, the ego is not an entity, it's a movement. In other words, the source of thoughts, nowhere, runs the show, and everything is happening like its meant to happen. Freewill is a dream.

Nowhere ...

We share this space I'm calling nowhere, so the nowhere in me is the nowhere in you. It drove me to write this, and you to read it.

We're like pawns on a chess board, being moved, lived, without even knowing it.

What does this mean ? Could mean nothing, but it also could mean everything.

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