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Prior to Perception

Awareness is the womb in which creation moves.

While awareness harbors the world, the mind picks and chooses its objects. This point is important because it tends to show that prior to any identification, as in object being identified by mind, awareness already knows of the existence of the so called object.

As an example, in meditation, one could be immersed in silence, but also, the sound of birds could be manifesting in the background. Awareness is already aware of the birds, but since mind is resting in silence, there is no identification or labeling going on. Then comes a moment where mind arises from silence, and the first thing mind does, and according to its addiction or conditioning, is attach itself to an object. In this case, the object is the sound of birds.

So life is already happening, here and now, within awareness, and mind is always playing catch up. In other words, prior to perception, awareness is always aware.

The absence of mind playing catch up is presence, and presence is freedom is from identification. Absent of any identification, one stands as nonlocalized or infinite awareness.


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