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is as tricky as it gets. I say so because what we think is real and concrete, is not. Well it is from one perspective, the minds perspective, but from the perspective of consciousness, things are quite different.

Consciousness, or the seer within you at this moment, the true seer, prior to any thought or identification, is subtle, there is nothing gross when it comes to consciousness. So everything, every body and object in the world, are simply an appearance within consciousness. The body, mind and world are within this unifying consciousness or awareness. But it's so subtle that we miss it, and because we miss it, we live within the limited framework of the bodymind.

If you were to examine your experience, as in closing your eyes and sitting in silence, you'd feel the body as a cloud of sensation, you actually sense the body, nothing more nothing less, and you observe your thoughts, they appear out of nowhere, and disappear into nothing, no thing. Consciousness is no thing, a subtle 'ether' if you like in which all things appear and disappear.

Consciousness is reality, and reality is one.

Within this oneness, we interact with each other and the world.

One way to tune into this oneness is via observing humans move in the world. For example, you see a wounded animal on the side of the street, and something within you makes you help that animal. That movement, is a movement of consciousness taking care of itself.

And that brings us to the other aspect of our being which is energy, or Shakti.

In Hinduism, reality is consciousness, but consciousness moves as energy, and this energy moves as pure and unconditional love.

Back to the example above, what happens is this loving energy moves and tends to itself, and the knowing of this energy, is the pure consciousness that lies at the core of our being.

So Shiva, the still consciousness, and Shakti, the moving energy. This, I would suggest, is what reality truly is, a loving energy that moves within an infinite knower. Infinite as in without a center, located everywhere, or everywhere is within this infinite knower.

This sounds dualistic, but its not, Shiva and Shakti are one, hence the word Yoga, which is the union of both.

Rum, Feb 2020.

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