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I am silence, and within me, a multitude of worlds appear

They appear in me, but also, as me

Truth be told, we are one

These worlds are in constant motion, and yet, I am still

These worlds are filled with colors, and yet, I am colorless

These worlds are filled with forms, and yet, I am formless

Still, colorless and formless, I am

In motion, colorful and inhabiting form, I am

You can look for me, but you'll never find me

I'm always here though, in plain sight, I am sight itself

I'm the one looking, not you

I'm the one hearing, sensing, smelling and tasting

There was never a you, but you are me, and we are one

I love you

And through this love

I have given you existence

And you have given me form

Now lets play this game called remembrance

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