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Will never be captured in words, but words can help guide us back to the womb of silence.

This world we live in is actually rooted in silence, its essence is silence, but as you know, there is always movement (objects), and with movement comes sound (perceptions). But before the occurrence of any sound or perception, we find ourselves in the presence of silence. If there is one thing that's absolute, I'd like to think it's silence.

Everything eventually dissolves in silence, both internally and externally. Although there is no such thing as externally, but for now let's consider the world external. And so externally because all objects eventually come to a rest, internally because that which observes all movement, or objects, as in thoughts, feelings and perceptions, is always silent, absolutely silent, and at rest.

Can you imagine a state where both consciousness and mind were in motion ? We'd go crazy. What maintains our sanity is the silence we can always fall back on, the silence of presence, or the silence of consciousness knowing itself.

Silence does not mean a lack of movement. True silence, is found within the movement of everyday life. So as we engage with people and life, in the background, silence is consciously present. The ever presence of this silence keeps us at peace as all movement is simply being observed and not judged; given mind is relaxed. So there is no need to change things, we go with the flow, and life is good as is. We're at ease, silence is ease.

But then there's the opposite of silence, noise, and with this noise comes resistance.

What is noise ?

The judgment of thoughts, feelings and perceptions.

Why do we judge these objects ?

Because they do not align with how the mind thinks reality should unfold, which at times can be a valid answer. But if one were to look closely into these judgments, I think there would be many instances where these judgments could be let go of.

For example, an object you desire is beyond your reach and so you end up judging yourself for not being able to obtain it, or your colleague is late to a meeting, or the kids next door are a bit too loud this afternoon. These common day to day events that we sometimes wrestle with, can be dropped. And anyways, they're usually beyond our control, so why even resist or generate tension ? Why not just let the world be as it is. And I don't mean being passive, there's a difference between acceptance and passivity. Given one's being is at rest, acceptance accepts reality as itself, while passivity observes as a separate entity, not caring about anything but itself.

So if we practice non-judgment or letting go of mind, eventually all noise fades away. It's not that life changes, its we who change from within, and when this happens, our whole perspective shifts. It can shift to an extent where the once seen as negative, can be seen as positive. So the kids next door are loud, but they're having fun, let them laugh and make all the noise they want, after all, we're one and the same, their happiness is mine.

Mind contained, silence starts to find its space within our being, and the more silence, the more space. A question worth asking now is what do I do with all this space ? And the answer is, watch this space or emptiness do its thing through you.

Once the mind is clear of noise or clutter, ones creativity begins to search for ways to express itself. This creativity that can now find its way through a clear channel, spills into every aspect of our daily life, like how we deal with people, work, eat, move and sleep. All these major elements of existence are touched by our silent and creative nature.

And as you know, in this creative flow, its as if time ceases to exist. The mind rests, consciousness is present, and life naturally unfolds. Life just flows, simply and smoothly, resistance free.

So silence is way more than just being quiet, silence is our essence, and a way of being. If life was a melody, silence would be the space that gives rise to each and every stroke of a key.

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