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More on Takween, and the idea of expansion.

Our thoughts live within our mind.

Our emotions live within our body.

Our consciousness, I would suggest, isn’t ours, consciousness is universal.

We are within consciousness, and consciousness is infinite. I think this realization is one of mankind's most important ones.

So consciousness, awareness or this mysterious energy is beyond our bodies and minds, and it can be considered both infinite and eternal. At the moment though, we're veiled from this reality, and for a good reason too. If the veil was suddenly removed, I figure it might be a bit too much to take in. For a whole new reality to unfold, its best the process take its time. That’s why we have all these ancient traditions, they provide the process, and set us up for the unveiling and experience of our essence and the unity of all things.

So Zen, Yoga and Sufism are all very similar, they work on one thing, and that's controlling or taming the ego or mind. And when the mind is under control, all noise begins to dissolve, and we begin to access subtler states of consciousness and better understand reality.

I can understand how this might sound mystical. But consider this, mysticism is within our nature. We live in an age where this knowledge of pure consciousness or unity isn’t so common, but this knowledge should be common, it's a big part of who we are, again, its within our nature.

Over the past 5000 years, humans of different religious and philosophical traditions have taught this idea of unity, but they were vague with their teachings, and kept the mystical side of the practice hidden for reasons related to that day and age. That’s why this knowledge was labeled as esoteric.

Esoteric: intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest.

In this profound age of information, using the word esoteric doesn't make sense anymore. By a couple of clicks on a keyboard, we can now buy books people only dreamed of reading centuries ago. I don't think we understand how big of a blessing this is. Back in the day, one would have had to travel for months to maybe gain access.

But now, this invaluable knowledge is out there, and its accessible to everyone, all it takes is the will, heart and intellect to seek, and finally realize. Notice the word realize here, you realize what has always been there, you’re not discovering anything new.

So what I’m trying to do here is simply open a window that overlooks a unified reality, a reality that's within you at this very moment. And if you're curious and would like to further explore, Takween is all yours.

Wadi Rum, 2017.

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