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The evolution of

When I first thought I'd create a website for my practice, I figured it would be best to present a comprehensive view on both the traditions and practices I experienced over the past twenty years.

I figured by presenting such a view, a visitor might gain a clear understanding on what Takween has to offer.

Today, which is a couple of years later, I find myself in a different space.

I've realized over the past two years that all conceptual understanding is limited, and to dwell in such a space can be counterproductive. To further feed the mind with conceptual knowledge does nothing other than create more veils, and all the challenges we face are due to veils that separate us from our true nature.

A veil is a concept, pattern or habit that creates an (unhealthy) illusion within the psyche, and our true nature is pure consciousness, or that which lies beyond the veil.

Pure consciousness, which is the origin of all experience, is always present, in every moment, and knows nothing but the peace and ease of unity and simple being.

So thoughts, and dwelling in them, is usually the reason we suffer. And most importantly, thoughts related to meditation, the nature of being or metaphysics can actually end up creating the sturdiest veils. I did not know that back then.

And this is why I simplified the website, to avoid creating more veils.

So, if you seek tools to help you find a peaceful way of being, I'd recommend taking it easy on the reading the researching, and spending more time observing your actual experience. What you seek lies in your direct experience, not in a book or course.

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