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The Lighthouse

While meditating the other day, an image of a lighthouse overlooking an ocean popped up. The lighthouse was there; standing silent and still, while the ocean underneath was alive with its wild and powerful currents and waves.

This image stayed with me, and I’ve been contemplating it for sometime.

I think the lighthouse symbolizes the observer within, pure awareness or consciousness. The ocean, is no one other than the mind, the waves being thoughts, and currents emotions. The mind, in accordance with its nature, is active and wild. At times, mind dwells in the past, other times, in the future. The content is usually rooted in desire or fear. Thoughts, emotions, perceptions … never-ending waves and currents. On the other hand, the lighthouse, is always there, aware, radiating and observing in silence.

Awareness, our essence, is always present. The mind actually exists within awareness, awareness is what powers the mind. Awareness is the ever-present subject, while mind and its thoughts, matter and its shapes, could be considered mere passing objects within this silent awareness.

I think a beautiful thing about the human experience is this awareness. Its essence is silence and peace, and its at the root of us, and everything around us. Awareness is actually peace itself, how can it not be ? When reality is unified as one field of awareness, there is no other option but to be at peace. The cause of all suffering is a sense of separation.

According to Yoga, in deep sleep, we’re simply and effortlessly there, in a state of pure consciousness. The subject (Awareness) is at peace, with no objects in sight (no objects to reflect back so consciousness doesn't know itself). While dreaming, awareness is also present, otherwise there would be no viewer viewing the dream. And while awake, we're obviously aware, aware of the body and mind.

Awareness or consciousness is always present, its at the root of all experience. It is often said in many eastern traditions that mind or ego is an illusion, and awareness or the observer of the mind is who we truly are. Also, the observer knows nothing but effortless silence and peace.

I heard this recently and it stuck “In between thoughts, we stand as one, we stand in love”. I think that beautifully sums it all up.

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