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I've been posting contemplations for over a year now and not once did I use the word god. Truth be told though, this whole website revolves around the word god.

Using the word god can be tricky because the words interpretation differs from one person to the other. To me, god means essence, the essence of all being or existence. Another person on the other hand, might think of god as a foreign power existing in the heavens.

So to avoid conflict or misunderstanding, I use words that dance around the word god. Words like consciousness, awareness, unity etc.

Recently though, I felt it might be a good idea to use the word god. I say so because god is a powerful word, and sometimes one must leverage such power to truly articulate the essence of our being.

What is the essence of our being ?

The essence of our being is god, and god is love.

Prior to bodymind consciousness, god rests.

In this resting space, there is this love. A love so warm, so tender that it could only be labeled as god. Using a word like pure consciousness doesn't do this space justice.

This unimaginable love, is our essence, and all movement is an expression of this space.

I could continue to write for the next 200 years and not come close to articulating the love that lies within us at this very moment.

This moment is god. All moments are a reflection of god.

Experience colors our consciousness, and we live in illusion. But once experience comes to a stand still, the essence of our being reveals itself, and when that happens, we realize that on some level, we have forgotten who we are.

You are that which you seek, quite literally.

So yes, there's a bodymind at this moment reading this. But on a subtler level, this is divinity experiencing itself.

This might sounds mystical, I know. Truly though, this is the simplest and most natural thing, given mind has surrendered.

On some level, there's a bit of you that knows all this.

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