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To forget & remember

That's what the silence of meditation offers, an opportunity to forget the I or 'I thought', and remember the true Self.

The 'I thought' is the thought that creates the personality. The personality, if looked at objectively, is nothing more than a collection of thoughts, more specifically, a coalition of memories, projections, desires and fears. So when all these internal objects come together, the illusory subject comes to life, or the I thought takes center stage.

Center stage.

This stage can only be known by the space that holds it, or the light that illuminates it, and if it weren't for this space or light, the stage and its characters would not exist.

We could think of consciousness or awareness as the light or space that gives rise to the stage, and we could think of the stage and its characters as humans in a physical world.

Consciousness, humans and the physical world are not separate though. Humans and the world are a manifestation of consciousness, and meditation is one of the very few tools that can offer this insight.

In the silence of meditation, there's a state called Samadhi. In Samadhi, the mind shuts off, and so the thought of I as a personality or ego doesn't arise anymore. Its as if the mind forgets itself.

Now one wonders, if the personality 'I' isn't present, what remains ?

Presence remains. Presence as in pure consciousness.

In this moment, one (as consciousness) remembers, ah ! Now I remember ! This is who I really am.

Pantheon, Rome.

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