It was a great privilege to benefit from a week working with Ramzi. His knowledge of meditation in all its incarnations is clearly vast! It’s so wonderful to be taught by someone who knows so much, following what clearly is a deep personal passion and curiosity. Yet in spite of how much he knows about how people around the world meditate, Ramzi never fails to take a totally tailored approach with each person he works with. He is open minded and understanding- ensuring that he can work with each new person’s needs, wishes and challenges. He has given me both practical tips and the inspiration to look deeper at what richness meditation can bring to life. Thank you Ramzi! 

Hannah Bird

Exploring the human psyche with Ramzi is always a tremendously enriching experience. He already enjoys a masterful understanding of the topic yet continues to personify the quintessential student. On a quest to decipher the nuanced relationship between mind, body and soul, Ramzi combines a relentless studying of vast literature written by the distinguished scholars of old times and new, with deep reflection and personal interpretation, to form what I always find to be remarkably coherent and relatable views. Sessions with Ramzi are very light-hearted; they help me identify what areas are important for me to tackle at any given time, and leave me with a comforting sense that I am closer to doing so.


I started Yoga with Ramzi after an enduring period of distress, and I can already feel my body thanking me. I never knew yoga could be such a beautiful instrument that would touch my mind, body and emotions all together, and I attribute this to Ramzi’s unique and intuitive approach of incorporating teachings of spirituality and his personal medley of meditative sound into movement and breathing. The balance between his deep understanding of yoga and Zen as a philosophy and a science, and his ability to gently guide us with the warmth of his voice through the pathway to mindfulness gives meaning to each posture that goes far beyond the simple practice of stretching and strengthening the body’s muscles. While I still have a lot to learn, I am thankful for the beautiful drive, lightness and ease I feel with every session.

Lina Hijazi

Ramzi is perhaps one of the kindest individuals I have ever met. He has an incredible positive energy that permeates everything he does, and even those who surround him. He is profoundly committed to his work, which he carries out as a way to connect to his higher self, to teach as he learns. He is extremely sensitive to people's needs and this capacity to understand the needs of his clients is something quite rare in the self-centered world we live in.

Sahel Hiyari

It has been a pleasure practicing with Ramzi; his approach to yoga is unique and unparalleled.  The best part of practicing with Ramzi is his approach to yoga as a lifestyle and state of being... and as a means to empower us to take control of our own healing.  He has taught us that we are all healers in our own right.  Ramzi uses an innovative combination of sound, gentle yoga, and zen teachings in his practice, guaranteeing the ultimate cleansing and grounding experience.  We often forget that the noisiness of every day life tends to clutter our consciousness and clarity.  Getting on the mat with Ramzi is a great way to remember that we need to tune our own strings from time to time.

Aseel Barghouti

Ramzi’s yoga practice and teaching is best characterized as a harmonious integration of mind, body and soul. He teaches in a way that is easy to follow, allowing you to find your own individualized flow with minimal resistance, similar to how water flows through the cracks of rigid rocks.


Incorporating breath properly with singing bowls and fluidly structured movements, a session with Ramzi is a trip for the senses. A true yogi in his own right, I have seen Ramzi develop his practice over the years into what it is today, and I have experienced first hand it’s profound balancing effect within the layers of my soul. 


Rare to find in this day and age of over commercialized yoga, Ramzi takes you to the origin of yogic practice and truly embodies and practices what he preaches in his daily life and connections.

Shaker Muasher

Ramzi is a wonderful meditation and yoga teacher. He is gentle and compassionate and is able to connect deeply to his students, intuitively understanding their needs. He has the experience of many years of dedicated practice and this manifests in his ability to inspire confidence and discipline in his students. He has passionately explored many forms of practice and through this commitment is able to impart wisdom, knowledge and clarity to his students, opening new paths for them to explore.


Combining various types of sacred sound Ramzi is able to blend many ancient forms of healing and meditative practice. He creates a deep, blissful awareness during his teaching, and is able to effortlessly transport his students to a state of alert relaxation and mindful contemplation.


Ramzi taught yoga and meditation on my recent yoga retreat to Goa. It would be an honour to work with Ramzi again and I look forward to watching his unique and creative teaching talent flourish. I highly recommend him as a valuable part of any teaching team and a wonderful guide and mentor.

Emma Landolt

After trying different types of therapy, I thought Id try yoga and Ramzi was recommend by a friend. I felt his warmth as soon as I walked in, he embraced me, sat me on the mat and we quickly dove in. I felt the world was closing in on me at that time, and he was the only person that was able to give me confidence and hope, he made it sound like what was happening was a piece of cake and we would solve it no time, he spoke with so much convection, I had to believe him.


Here I am now and the situation has dramatically changed. The main reason behind this change is Ramzi’s guidance. His knowledge of the human mind is profound, but most importantly its his heart that’s his strongest asset, he was so committed to helping me resolve this issue, and resolve it we did. He’s more than a yoga teacher and I’d recommend him in a second.


In conversing with Ramzi, I often find myself comfortably balanced between a place of genuine depth, and an air of levity. I find this to be a rare talent amongst people who have dedicated themselves to the work of the heart and the mind. It is seldom that you meet a person that can be both your guide and fellow journeyman in the exploration of such mystical topics as consciousness and oneness, and doing so without the typical intensity that often accompanies such conversations is even more unique. Ramzi’s dedication to learning is what makes him so special. He is the eternal student, whom, while teaching, is also aware of the lessons that are being bestowed upon him by nature, his surroundings, and his students. Ramzi’s dedication to a holistic understanding of the techniques and disciplines he follows is equally important. Far from being satisfied with only knowing the movements in his yoga, or the pop-culture surface of Sufism, Ramzi’s thirst of a full view leaves him predisposed to a beginner’s mind – one that is open, accepting, and soft.

Hamed Masri

In a world of commercial yoga, Ramzi brings depth and soul to the practice. I have often left his sessions feeling serene, grounded, totally embodied, and mindful. Ramzi’s use of sound bowls during his sessions leave everyone floating in a blissful bubble that cocoons us all, for long after we have left his studio. I truly value the philosophy and lessons from Sufism, Yoga, Zen Buddhism and beyond which Ramzi so generously integrates into each session. They allow for constant discovery and reflection both on and off the yoga mat.

Dana Dajani

Ramzi’s knowledge comes from experience and nowhere else; you’ll feel that as soon as you talk to him. Be it yoga or zen, he fully immersed himself in that world before ever thinking to teach, he’s one of the few that live and practice what they preach.

Over the last decade or two, I’ve seen him devote himself to his practice, and by doing that he enriched himself, and the world around him. He’s one of a kind.

Alaa Khasawneh


Before meeting Ramzi, I thought I had to travel the world to find a mentor with the knowledge and experience that I was desperately looking for. For many years, Ramzi did the innerwork, read the books and journeyed within and without enough to be able to teach with great conviction, confidence and ease. Ramzi is kind yet assertive, and serious yet joyous. His voice, instruments and music create a sacred experience that is beyond any yoga class I’ve ever attended.

Reema Asendar